Rain, wind and cold. That pretty much sums up this week and the upcoming weekend. Fortunately, we have spent last Saturday decorating for the first advent and the upcoming month of December. There is something cosier about Christmas time, when you are lighting candles, wrapping a blanket around your shoulders and sit and read a book – or as my boyfriend does, working on his Viking clothes for the next season. We are both reenactors for the Viking age as well as fighters in a semi-contact group that fights with steel weapons.


It is funny to see how many things are suddenly sold on the online market during spring, since people usually do as us – sit and work during wintertime. There is nothing better to do, and sometimes it is better to have your eyes rest in warmer light than the one you get from a computer screen. Tomorrow we will have a storm, and on Saturday we will get frost once again – wintertime is here!

What do you like to do during winter?


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