I grew up on an island where it is almost a custom to believe in unnatural beings. Most of them of course being associated with sea and storms, because the island mostly consists of fisherman towns. However, it also has a few tales about its marshes and of course the bogs – especially one in the middle of the island that almost every year gets flooded by heavy rain.

Whenever I pass by a bog, I think about that place on the island. In old days, to scare kids off the area, so that they would not go playing near the dark waters, the parents told a very popular scare tale to them. My dad told me this story of “The Green Man” called “Greenling”. He roams around near the bog, trying to lure kids into it so that to steal their souls.


The story reminds me of the one about the Nordic nix. A handsome creature either shaped as a horse or a naked man playing the lute, flute or violin. Trying to lure people into a deep lake or into the current of a river. Looking at the bog near my work, I keep imagining that it must also have a Greenling or a Nix somewhere deep down within the underground. After all, there is something mystical about its darkness, the way the trees stand in water up to their trunks, and how crooked all branches suddenly seem to be in that area.


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