Well, aside from the fact that our country is the one that has least nature in Europe, it does have an extremely functional infrastructure for bicycling. Each city has their own way of promoting less fuel and more pedal power. Mine has for example put up scanners that count how many bicyclist passes them by during the day. Not to mention, there are sacred routs that are only available by bike or by foot.

I love taking these paths.

Everything slows down as they take you through beautiful landscapes and funny places you rarely see from a car. Since you do not ride as fast as cars do, you do not get stressed by the other people that are passing you by. Living in the city, I have to admit that it is far easier to get around by bike rather than by car. Parking costs in the centre, while as you can park your bicycle on the many respective stands made just for them. Not to mention, you can get past traffic stops by using the special routes made just for bikes. They are right beside the pavement, and no citizen with respect for himself will ever dare to step out on the bike road before carefully look from side to side.

Do you bicycle a lot?


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