There is nothing like being outside during sunset. Especially when it is not very early, so that you do not have think about is how early you left the bed. The sun rises late in the north. And on my way to work, the light looks very much like this. It makes me treasure those moments, where I get to experience how everything slowly wakes up as the sun peeks out from behind the trees and the buildings far away.

The few remaining birds start singing, the people are getting busier as they hurry to work the last minute, and kids are on their way to school all while passing by squirrels that jump from branch to branch without the slightest care in the world about work or school. I always encounter a black squirrel right as I am about to enter the small path that leads to the Nature Centre where I work. It always crosses the road at almost the same time every morning – must be a morning routine. And apparently, it does not care as I ride by. Although if I stop to take a picture or just have a better look at it, it rushes off.


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