After a way too long hiatus, I am finally back and with a surprise that I will tell you about next week or the one after. It will explain my recent leave from the blog. Anyway, I cannot avoid the fact that I have also felt slightly uninspired lately. The weather has been grey, warm, rainy and windy. I found myself inhaling deeply in search for the characteristic frosty scent in the air. I miss winter so much, and the climate change can really be seen this year with the extremely long autumn, the wet November and the lack of frost. Well, as you might remember, we did have a frosty week, but right now there is about 10 to 12 degrees Celsius outside, and it is so warm that I am bicycling without gloves or hat (which I never do at this time of year).


The sky however cannot fool you. It is indeed winter. Darkness falls around 3 o’ clock, and whenever I am going back home from work, I feel ready to go to sleep, because it is already dark. Thank goodness for my job being an outdoors one, otherwise I would not get any sun. When I go to work it is dark, and when I return home it is darkening for the evening. A typical winter in the north. The sky is a deep blue whenever I come home. So beautiful and intense. A twilight colour only a winter afternoon can give you.


Now I am just on the lookout for frost. I am in desperate need to take a walk in crispy grass, inhale fresh air and just enjoy the season without having it confused with a very bad summer day. I do not think I remember having experienced a November this warm. It saddens me to see how visible the climate change has become.



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