I absolutely love making kids fall in love with regular birds they see every day, but never consider being interesting. When they come on a bird walk with me, they will get funny stories about the known birds, and they get to know them far better – and maybe even on a more personal level. As I mentioned in one of my prior posts, I love sea birds, and I love showing how awesome seagulls are – especially because most people consider them as pestilences.

You can say the same about the Corvus birds, you curse over as they gather in large groups on a field or make a loud “kra-kra-kraaa” call from the top of your roof. Nevertheless, I absolutely enjoy watching these extremely smart birds that most of all resemble magic to me (as much as owls do).


Jackdaws: With their beautiful metallic eyes, we have the small versions of crows, which people usually confuse with one another. Although, as crows say the characteristic “kra-kraaah!” jackdaws have a far lighter call which echoes as they fly by in groups. Youngest first, to see if there are any danger on the ground, and then the eldest in the back, shoving the young birds aside once they conclude that there is no danger. A smart tactic and a fun way of distribute different tasks in their large family.

Crows: With their grey and black appearance, their intelligent black eyes are always alert if you come too close. However, as if you were a simple annoying spider, they playfully jump further away from you without any fear. Extremely intelligent birds that enjoy stealing small sweet ducklings, chicks, mice, hares and what not when spring arrives. They eat everything and often follow other groups of their genus (also ones different from them), so that these groups can lead them to food.


Rooks: Beautiful metallic black rooks with their long grey beaks, which they use to dig into the ground for worms, insects and seeds. Smart rooks that get too little credit, because people hate their large colonies, which they gather far up in the trees. These beautiful nuisances showed how intelligent they were, when in captivity they finished different tasks by using tools.

Ravens: Well, if you hate the three former birds, then I bet you love ravens. Everyone loves ravens. They resemble death, mystery, wisdom and magic. I remember walking by an old black raven in Russia, and I especially remember the carelessly sarcastic look it gave me, turning its head to the side. Not even caring to fly away as I, a human, stopped to watch it. It simply sat quietly, waiting me to pass. I rarely see ravens, but sometimes I do hear their call in the forest as they sit far up in the large crowns of the trees.


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