We have been on a rollercoaster of snowfall, frost, rain and shift in temperature. When I woke up today, it was snowing heavily outside. So much that the moment I stepped out the door, my hat was covered in thick snow. It was dangerous to bicycle to work today. Despite seeing a lot of brave people pass by, I decided that I should rely on public transportation – heck, apparently everyone had the same idea as me today. The busses were packed.

I had my camera with me, hoping to snap some pictures of the snowy landscape. But sadly, as I sat at work measuring seeds in front of the fireplace, the snow started melting. Below zero turned to above zero, and snowflakes got replaced by rain. And the moment the drops started falling, the remaining snow melted in no time. So as I walked back home, I sadly saw how little snow there was left to photograph.


Although nature would not let my stroll go on without a small surprise. As heavy as the snow had fallen this morning, rain started fall from the thick grey clouds from above. So much that I had to take shelter in the prior mentioned park. I sat in a primitive wooden shelter, glancing out at the rain, hoping that it would let me go before darkness fell. Despite worrying about time, it was actually a rather nice experience. Sitting outside under the roof, while the rain was pouring down right in front of me. The scent of the wood mixed with the wet smell from the rain and the leaves on the ground was indeed very blissful. I returned home with a big smile on my face… And wet hair!


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