Winter has really arrived, hasn’t it? Suddenly the temperature has dropped below zero – even during the day. Snow has been falling in shapes of razor sharp flakes that pierce your face if you bicycle through it, and it is finally time to sleep with a blanket over your sheets. Despite living in the city, the air seems automatically fresher when frost is in the air. I can stand outside my apartment, right next to the trash cans and in front of a road and simply inhale the freshness that makes all the disgusting scents of the city disappear (somehow…).

I have found myself enjoying walking to work. 5,5 km forth and 5,5 km back. Kind of a waste of time in a way, because it takes me about one hour to do so. Yet, if I do not have to meet in early, I enjoy strolling through the streets of villas belonging to different families, pass by schools where some of the kids greet me, because they know me from some of our activities which they have attended, and finally, my walk takes me through a small park that is barely kept and more closer to a wild mess than an actual park. I absolutely love it. I usually see hares, deer and different kinds of birds who just like me enjoy the diversity in plants and the wonderful messy growths of nature.

Those two hours are in my opinion well spent – especially if it allows me to breathe in fresh frosty air.


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