Oh, dear Jack Frost. Thank you for finally joining us this fine day, where the remaining leaves on every tree, every single grass blades and late autumn flowers turn frosty white by your touch. We cannot go outside without wrapping ourselves in warm clothes, gloves and hats. Our breath is damping foggily as we exhale in the fresh cold air. November has finally arrived with all of its grace and beauty! And when we come home from a day outside with icy nose tips, we find comfort in warm drinks, good movies and blankets… Lots of woollen blankets.


When the weather is like it was today, I feel extremely inspired to write a story. I make sure to light some candles, make some tea and glance at the darkness outside the window. I always think about how I felt being outside in the frosty November weather, and how wonderfully the crunches of frozen leaves and grass sounded under my steps as I took some kids out for a walk to watch birds.


I feel really inspired, and my story/fairytale will be posted tomorrow. The first frost has fallen and it deserves a welcome in form of creative writing. I hope you will like it!


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