My goodness, it gets dark so quickly all of sudden. Ever since we shifted to “winter time” in Denmark (set our clocks one hour back), it is already beginning to darken when I bicycle home. Of course, with the unavoidable Nordic darkness also comes a hint of cosiness. Sitting with a blanket wrapped around you, because you are too stubborn to turn on the heat just yet – it is not below zero so far! Or sip to a hot cup of herbal tea.


I absolutely love these quiet hours in the evening when it is not really late, but it is dark as night. It is usually at this time I sit and write my blog, because I feel in the right mood, I get easily inspired, and there is something magical about the warm light from the surrounding candles, and the moon that shines from above if you glance out the window.


I remember, when we were in Lapland two years ago. Then it was already this dark at two o’clock, which is quite extreme for us Danes… Yet it was easy to get used to, because we did not come from a sunny place where the days are long and bright at this time of year. I think it is cosier to sit and eat dinner when it is dark outside, then you can really set the mood with some candles. Ahh, the wonderful traits of late autumn!


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