Oh, I love bicycling home from work and pass by several witches, bloody doctors and trolls on their routes to visit different decorated houses. Traditionally, we do not celebrate Halloween in Denmark, but as we get more and more international, the festivities are inspired from other countries. Last night, we set our clock one hour back to what we call “winter time”. This means we get a little bit more of light in the mornings, but at the same time, twilight hits us earlier than before.

This means, that if I am outside around 5 p.m., it is rather scary to spot a ghost or two in the shadows. Fortunately, most of these “magical creatures” are of small cute shapes, so there is no danger there. And fortunately, I have not yet encountered killer clowns – in fact, I have not heard that they have been spotted in my city.

I think it is fun to see how Danes decorate for Halloween, because they have not only been inspired by the tradition from the states, but there is also many organic decorations. Bouquets of dark berries, naked twines and twigs as well as funny shaped figures of dried leaves. It makes me think of a more heathen tradition with absolutely seasonal decorations.


This Samhain, I am blessed with having my freezer filled with different late autumn berries – especially the super food berry, aronia. Do you know it? I absolutely adore it! And it is so healthy that your body will explode with energy and good vitamins. I have seen people using it for decoration, completely unaware of the fact that it is edible – but think about it… Edible decorations… Yum!

Happy Samhain, everyone!


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