The other day, when I was out for a walk, I heard a strange conversation between a couple, who were out strolling as well. They were both complaining about how extremely wet, slippery and annoying the forest floor has become. It seemed like their cosy adventure in a small nearby forest had turned out into a negative conversation about the humidity of the ground they were stepping on. Well, I might understand them a little, considering the fact that their shoes were indeed rather wet, but at the same time, not suitable for a forest walk. Their pants seemed to be also quite expensive, and not in the outdoor kind of way.


I know that it must sound quite mean, but it amused me a bit seeing the two of them. Neither seemed to even notice the tall green larches, they were surrounded by, that held onto their needles before dropping them for the winter. Nor did they notice the colourful Jay sitting very closely, listing curiously to their conversation – not to mention, how the floor was covered in small mushrooms in all different shapes and sizes. I feel sorry for the two of them because they did not seem to notice all the beautiful things they were surrounded by because the grass was moist.


I write this post as a reminder to wear good shoes when taking a walk at this time of year – it is very wet, but so beautiful. And autumn really deserves to be seen, despite the slippery wet forest floor.


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