Have you ever experienced that before you started caring for plants, animals and the environment, no one really commented on the way you were living. No one criticized you or even tried to change you in any way. However, the moment you show interest in nature preservation, vegetarianism, Buddhism, rewilding… There are suddenly so many opinions. I talked with a vegetarian acquaintance the other day, who said that she never had people tell her what to do or eat when she ate meat. However, once she switched away from it, people suddenly had many opinions about how she was still not helping animals, because she ate their products, how she was ruining her natural need for meat, how she should be living her life etc. etc. etc.


I think it is very curious, because it is also, what I experienced when I joined the Danish Association for Nature Conservation. I could suddenly hear many people having so many different opinions, and also having opinions on how I should be – even which political party I should support, because I loved nature and was a board member of the association.

Of course, most of the comments came through the social media, because it is easy to hide behind a screen and say something like this rather than to another’s face – hey, that’s also what I am doing right now. However, there is a reason why people do it – it is truly easier!


Having talked to this vegetarian girl made me want to make a post about my thoughts. I loved the way she expressed that if you are at least doing something for the environment or nature, you should be applauded – because if everyone does a little, it will become a big deal. You cannot change completely, and there will always be something people will find wrong about you – something they find you not doing completely or well enough. But to that, I just want to agree with her on her saying that we shall just appreciate each other when we recognize a little good in one another, instead of focusing on flaws. Look at the positive instead of the negative… Woah, that small talk really put my thoughts to work… Haha.

Have you guys ever experienced the same?


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