Crunch, crunch, crunch…

Aaah, the sound of dry leaves you step on – making sure to stroll directly through the pile that has been swept to the side of the road. I love this part of autumn, and even though it has been long on the way, the leaves have finally started falling – really falling. No wind needs to make them float down from the trees, slowly exposing the grey branches. Everything seems to calm down, when the leaves gently fall to the ground.


You have maybe closed your garden for this year, maybe you have some veggies that are perfect for winter, and I bet that at least some of you are cursing over the many leaves on the lawn. Well, if you do not feel the need to gather them together for the good looks of your yard, I will advise you to let them be. They make the soil more porous as they compost throughout the winter. Not to mention, many insects and small animals use them for either food or shelter.


If you have to gather them from the lawn, you can always put them around your remaining veggies in the garden. The leeks will stand through the frost, if they stand in a leafy bed. Besides, since the leaves work as cover in the garden, it will also add more nutrients to the soil for spring. And most importantly of all, it is a part of the cycle of nature and increases biodiversity – no matter how brown, sloppy and slippery they are.


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