Are you imaginative?

I sometimes look at the forest… the green depths that just turn darker the longer you gaze into the dim space in between the tall trees. I wonder how people stopped believing in fairytales, when they seem so very real as I stand and look at a mysterious forest right there… In front of me… I can just imagine seeing a troll wander silently through the woods, stepping carefully on the green moss with his bare feet. Or a beautiful elfish girl dancing on top of a cut log, having her silky web-like dress flow around her pale ghostly figure. A nix peeking up from underneath the black surface of a forest lake – luring you to step closer.


Thinking about this makes my heart race, and I stand and breathe heavily, as if I can see those very beings in front of me. Although they might be hidden in the shadows, I do feel their presence in my imagination, and I smile. I miss having a childhood, where everyone around me seemed to believe in these unearthly beings, but it is much duller to grow up and be an adult. It is even considered a sin – heck, even a mental illness – if you start believing in such creatures. But why not? Why not still believe in magic?


If there is anything magical in this world, it will be the nature itself. It is truly amazing, and it has hidden so many secrets from us throughout the years – some are not even explored yet. So yes, why not believe in fairytale creatures, mysterious happenings and the beauty and magic of a deep green forest?

I believe… Do you?


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