There is something about hugging trees, which I have loved ever since I was a little girl. My mum always found me covered in green stains from the trunks my arms have been wrapped around. There was something comforting to stand underneath the leafy crowns of a tall magnificent tree. It was as if it turned into my protector – giving me shelter from the rain and the wind. Even though it is stranger to see an adult hugging a tree than a child, I cannot help to do it anyway.


It is such a calming sensation to feel the large round trunk between your arms and the familiar wet scent of the log always fills me with energy. From one living being to another, it is nice to embrace something else than just animals and other humans. Plants are alive too, and they too a filled with energy and healing powers. No wonder why the majority of us tend to relax more if they take a walk in the forest or get a bit of green into their apartment.

Even though it may seem slightly embarrassing, I can really recommend hugging a tree.


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