When you are not outside seeing how the trees change colours one by one, it is sometimes hard to notice the shift in nature right away. The trees around my apartment lose their leaves late, which means that each time I go outside, I am stunned by how far along autumn is, because I do not see it from my window. Nevertheless, the view is not too shabby – don’t you think? Considering that it could be much worse, since it is the city. I would still prefer a grey sea, green forests or yellow meadows, but I have to wait until we have a house. At the moment, I have to do with this view.

It is quite lovely to see how the sun reflects on the metallic surfaces of the cars and buildings. The few trees that are in the area are still green and trick you to think that autumn is not that far along – although it is soon November. And when the sky is blue like the one on the picture, you cannot imagine that it is under 10 degrees Celsius outside.

Which view do you have from your room/apartment/house?


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