You know what I mean… Colourful crunchy roots of different kind fill our gardens, supermarket and fridges. We stuff our faces with soup made from Jerusalem artichokes, fried potatoes with carrots and baked French fries from different beets and parsnips. The colours on our plate, when we serve them is a good example of how nature is filled with abundance at this time of year.


It is easy to eat seasonally when there are so many choices on the shelves – especially if you plan your garden so that it will have greens throughout most of the year. Then you will not risk emptying it after one harvest. I love this time of year, when I wash my vegetables and cut them open to explore the different colours they greet me with. The beautiful stripes of Chioggia beets, the different colours of carrots, the pale long shapes of parsley roots, the dark red juice from beetroots and of course the beautiful yellow round potatoes. My favourite however is the nutty Jerusalem artichokes – they are so delicious in every form; baked, cooked, fried or raw – yum!

What is your favourite seasonal vegetable?



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