Gosh, I have forgotten how slippery roads can be after the wind has blown down several leaves to lie spread on the asphalt, and the rain has started falling. Although driving very carefully, I cannot help to admire the beautiful sight of this wonderful mess. There is something cosy about seeing a small road filled with leaves from the nearby trees right around twilight – before the street lights get lit and throw their dim light onto the brown surface of the road.


Have you ever had the feeling when you walked down that road on your way home from work, school or just from a stroll that you wanted to linger there for a little longer? But at the same time, what makes the entire experience cosy is the fact that you are walking home on this road that is filled with leaves. As if they are your own super star red carpet – one made by nature and without any intentions concerning us whatsoever. Though I do enjoy the cosy feeling of gentle raindrops falling around me, leaves getting blown down from the trees, and a wet slippery road on which I am walking or driving home from work. This is what autumn truly is for me.


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