When I bicycled to work today, I was almost overwhelmed by the silence of the empty streets in the dark early morning of autumn. Usually they are filled with busy people trying to get to the work, or kids on their way to school, but since the schools are closed for the week due to the autumn vacation, many families take time off work to spend with their kids instead. This is why the streets were free of people, and it was almost surreal to cycle down the road – feeling as if it was night.


The scent of the trees reached my nostrils, and it was a familiar wet scent of old leaves and rain. It had just rained and it gave the ground a mirror-like surface that reflected the many city lights. It is wonderful to have such a calm day. Then you can really cherish the small things in life – like for example the distinguish scents of autumn or the feeling of a tree, when you hug it close to you.

A day like today needs to be valued and the calmness should stay throughout the entire day, no matter whether you are at work or not. It is a simple way of meditation.


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