I took a walk yesterday to enjoy the shifting colours that has come with autumn. It was such a beautiful day – the clouds were heavy and threatening with rain, but the weather forecast had predicted that there would not be any. Either way, the grey clouds made the entire day very dark and dim – as if it was evening already. It was slightly windy, but most of all very chilly, and I shivered the moment I stepped outside, but once I started moving, my body generated heat, and it was actually quite nice to take a walk in the cold air.


Strolling alongside the boarder of a nearby forest, I stopped abruptly, spotting two grey deer grazing on the other side of the meadow near a group of trees. They had not sensed me coming, because the wind was in my favour, and I could therefore carefully move closer without them noticing me. At first, I just stood behind a tree, not feeling the need to snap a picture of the two of them, thinking that it was a moment I did not want to miss out on, if I had to find my camera.


However, since the two deer did not run away, I quietly managed to find my Nikon and snap a couple of photos of them anyway. The best part about it was that they seemed to have heard something and started running casually in the direction of where I stood. It was absolutely amazing to see them stop right in front of me – freeze in their movement. Their large ears pointed towards my direction… I suddenly realised that I was now not as hidden as I was before, since they stood directly in my wind. I stood very still, and they seemed to just be confused by seeing me rather than frightened.

I managed to snap another picture before seeing them run away in the opposite direction.

  • What a wonderful adventure!

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