Double rainbow all the way across the sky!

Well, you cannot really see the double rainbow, but I hope that you guys can spot one of them. Do you also make a wish, when you see a rainbow? We do, and as we drove up north to visit my parents, we made each a wish that should not be shared with anyone (not even each other), otherwise it will not come true.


I love seeing rainbows. It is stupid to get excited about making a wish, but it is not much different than seeing a falling star. There is something magical about it, am I right? I have no idea whether it is also as common to wish on a rainbow as it is to wish on a falling star, but in Denmark it is quite known to do both.

Fortunately, this rainy autumn weather has brought us quite a few beautiful rainbow to wish upon. Let’s just hope our wishes will come true… Only time will tell J


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