Am I the only one who thinks that sea birds are completely underrated? If you think about it, these amazingly adaptable wild beings are rather cool. Especially the “rat” of the harbours, the seagull. I make a big deal of telling kids about how awesome seagulls truly are. How interestingly they fly, how they can filtrate salt from seawater and their almost superhero-like sense of where the fish are. I also absolutely love the way they look. It is as if they have a facial expression that is slightly arrogant with a hint of negative sarcasm. Seagulls always look like they are judging you.


Another bird, which I really like is the oystercatcher. I absolutely love its colours and its long unique red beak that is extremely characteristic for the bird. I like it so much that I purchased a sweater that has these birds as its collar motive. They remind me of vast salt marshes that I miss from my childhood. And each time I am wearing it, it takes me back to the wild beach, the marshes and the beautiful coasts of the island I grew up on.


Sea birds are fascinating, and it is sad that so many people ignore them, because in their opinion there are far more interesting birds further inland: ravens, crows, owls, falcons, eagles and small sweet songbirds. Most of the time, the seagulls are a pestilence and the oystercatchers are funny clown-like flying animals. Although, I consider those birds to be extremely smart and just as interesting as any other animal. I love to sit and watch them interact with one another. A young seagull approaching an older one, a band of black-headed gulls gathering on a marsh, a couple of oystercatchers flying up from their nests in complete synchrony. I love them…


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