Have you ever had an animal that you felt connected with right from the beginning? Well, aside from the pets I’ve had while living alone, I have always loved my parents’ cat: Lucas. He was born on the day of my Christian confirmation party (something we do a big deal out of in Denmark when kids turn 14 years old). Their former cat got four kittens, and we decided to keep two – especially pointing out Lucas to be one of them, because he was the darkest.

Lucas has always been reluctant to meet new people, but even after I moved away from home, he recognized me, when I came to visit and loved to hang out near my feet. I like to think it is because I pet him a special way, which he likes very much. Lucas has survived so many things; my mum tells me he has been into a fight and came home half-dead one day. He has also had a terrible wound in his side, which is now perfectly healed. He is a survivor!


Although now, he is soon 14 years old, and he is getting very old. When I came to visit my parents last weekend, he was suddenly looking old as well (he usually had the most beautiful thick fur), his back legs were stiff, his right eye slightly blurred and his fur was messy. Yet still, he seemed happy and very attentive (especially when there was food around). I am therefore slowly preparing myself to say goodbye to this wonderful being, knowing that he had a good life. None of us believes that he will survive the winter, although despite the stiff legs, he is still catching birds and mice.


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