Am I the only one here who is drowning in apple juice and apple cake? It is that time of the year again, yes it is. And as seasonally as I try to eat, apples seem to have won over me. I-cannot-eat-or-drink-anymore!

I brought home a huge bag of apples, happy to finally being able to give my sweet autumn tooth a treat. However, I think I overdid myself. Not only did we juice half of them – making our mornings filled with sweet, yet lightly sour juice. We have also made so much cake from it that we cannot eat anymore.


We have eaten apple cake together at home on our apartment, when visiting my dad and again when visiting my mum and her boyfriend. The cake is actually really simple to make, and despite the fact of me being extremely tired of eating it, I can really recommend it.

Cook apples in a pot with some sugar until it tastes as sweet as you like it. Remember not to put any water into the pot, because the apples will become mashed once heated, and the water inside the fruit will make it look like marmalade. But remember, you want a few pieces of apples to remain in there as well. It is more delicious that way, so do not make it all fluid.

Fry oats with honey and add it as a topping over the apple “porridge”. It has to cover the entire surface, because you want the crunchiness combined with the sweet mashed apples. Then finally, you can top it with whipped cream.

  • And there you have a traditional Danish apple cake (edited for our liking).

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