I stood up early last week. My day at work consisted in me teaching kids about gardening in another town outside the city, and it was perfect, because I drove there one hour before I had to check in, and just took a walk in the amazing nature that appears the moment you step out of Aarhus (the city I live in). Tall dark trees reaching up for the morning sky, as if they were stretching themselves after a long night of sleep. A spider web was displaying beautiful drops of morning mist that covered the fields upon which Icelandic horses grazed.


The fog that hung over the ground like a sky was white, and it was as if the earth itself was waking up with one long exhale; aaaaaah. Everything was quiet, wet and peaceful. The small remaining pink clover flowers peeked out from the ground near a creek that chuckled gently as the stream carried the water down the round rocks. Such fragile beautiful flower made me think of how fragile life is in general, and how important it is to enjoy every second of it. This morning, I enjoyed being alive and at peace. The small pleasures of taking a walk, breathing in fresh air and hearing the wind rustle in the crowns of the trees.


And as the sun slowly rose, the fog left, when the shine appeared from behind the horizon. It was a promise of a beautiful day ā€“ cold, but sunny. These peaceful autumn mornings are extremely blessed, because you really get in touch with your thoughts and even the very beat of your heart. Since the birds have gotten quiet for the year, you cannot hear anything but yourself ā€“ whatever voices you have in your head, your footsteps passing through the leaves on the ground and your calm breath.



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