I came to work today, hands cold from my foolish bicycle ride without gloves just to hear that the heat was off. I have been sitting and freezing my butt off the entire day. I heard my other colleague talk about that we have had frost last night in the countryside. I have to admit that it surprised me as well, because usually we get it in the end of October. Strange how rapidly the temperature has shifted.

Food and fire1.JPG

At a cold time like this, where the sun is still standing high on the sky and the trees are still covered with leaves (now more yellow than green), I love to light a campfire and cook food over it. There is something amazing about fire that draws people to sit around it and stare at the flames as if it was a captivating movie. I am sure it is an instinct from ancient times we have kept until recent days. I love to sit leaning my elbows against my knees while feeling the heat from the flames reaching my face.

Lighting a campfire is a perfect activity for the old months. And when you can use it for cooking, it is even better. Food just tastes better when it is cooked over flames. I do not know why it is so, but a simple apple can become delicious if you put it on a stick and heat it up. I love to mix and match whatever seasonal veggies and fruits I can find. I had to write a recipe for some institutions today, and I realized that it was rather difficult, because I had no measurements and no specifics. Especially for a seasonal vegetable soup made over fire…

Food and fire4.JPG

Mix whatever veggies you have, cover it with water, bring it to a boil till all of the veggies are ready. Then blend the soup and serve it with a chunk of fresh bread. Tadaaa! So extremely simple (and yet far more delicious to make over fire than at home).


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