I adore these silent mornings where the wet white fog is rising above the ground, covering the meadows in a mystical blur. The trees rise dark and fragile as long legged elves from the tall grass. As the fog settles, it feels like it takes away all noise and surrounds you with a strange ancient force that makes your heart skip a beat. I understand how some fairy tales of trolls, fairies and elves came to be, when you see how the shadows from the bushes and trees play around in the fog, making you think of unearthly beings.


I take a deep breath as I sit down in the wet grass, not caring the slightest about the cold reaching my skin through my pants. I even shiver a little, because the mornings are suddenly very chilly. Finally, autumn has arrived in all its beauty and mystery. October is the night of all hallows eve, and it is quite alright to make you mind wander off in the direction of magic, mystery and unexplainable goose bumps. I love to watch the shift in temperature and how nature adapts to it.


It is truly fascinating how we humans see it as an end, when the trees are dropping their leaves, the birds fly to the south and the herbs are withering – for us, it resembles death. Although, it is a circle of life, a complete necessity to survive the cold winter. As the leaves are falling off the trees, leaving them naked, we humans do the opposite – we dress in warm woollen sweaters and long pants to shield us from the chilly winds. Autumn in indeed a cosy and a very beautiful time of the year.


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