I do not know if you see the same problem as I do at this time of year. People unknowingly ignoring perfectly edible berries that now cover the trees in their most beautiful autumny colours. It is of course unintentional that they pass by them without a pick or taste. Although I have to say that if you are a fan of wild food, it is a wonderful idea to pick elderflower berries (remember to cook them – do not eat them raw), rosehip, rowanberries and hawthorn.


I believe that the reason for people ignoring them is because they are not popular to pick yet and some might be afraid that they are poisonous. It is a good rule to have, not picking what you do not know. I do hope that these berries that are just as wonderful as apples and cherries will get more popular. Not only will it make our food more diverse, it will also expand our knowledge about nature.


I also love to venture into the woods and fill my basket with vast colours from different berries. My boyfriend sometimes look at me as if I am crazy and says that it cannot be that so many things are edible. Oh, but only if he knew… And If I only knew… Because I am sure that I also could pick far more seasonal berries than the ones I already do.

Which berries do you think do not get the attention they deserve?


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