I was away from my computer for a little weekend adventure in Northern Denmark where my parents live. I arrived to my mum’s place, happily carrying a home-grown organic Hokkaido (red kuri squash) thinking that it could be used for delicious autumn dishes…

Although after giving it to my mum, she placed it on the porch as if it was for decoration. I stood for a moment, mouth open like a huge O and watched how she mistook the wonderful Hokkaido for some Halloween decoration. Well, it was an honest mistake, and she is welcome to use it as such. Although I think, it is a sad waste of good food.

So, if you are like my mum and do not know that a Hokkaido is currently in season and that it is not only very decorative, but also extremely tasty, here is an easy recipe for a soup.

This one will warm you from inside out in this cold weather:

1 hokkaido
2 – 3 carrots
1 onion
Salt & pepper
Maybe a bit of cayenne pepper

Cut the veggies into small pieces and boil them in enough water to cover them. Once the vegetables are soft, blend the soup. Then add the spices when warming it up again (make sure to be careful with the pepper).

Tadaaa! Easy and extremely delicious when you dip a piece of dark bread in it. Be ware, the soup is very hot for a long time 😉


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