When I was a little girl, I always found it weird that people could relax to the sound of gently running water, but now I understand what it is all about. I stood up one early morning and went out to take some photos of the nearby nature. I took a seat by the running creek in the wet grass, not caring that my pants got wet. The sound of a chuckling running water that fell over the round rocks reached my ears and I felt happy. Aside from that calming sound, everything was quiet – I could just hear a gentle buzz of the faraway cars, but otherwise, it seemed like my surroundings were still asleep.


The sound made me think of Pocahontas, how the cartoon character stated that you never step in the same river twice, and she was right. The running water is a symbol of change, movement and is also a life force. Maybe this is why we love it so much? Where there is water, there is life – especially running clean water. It must be our primordial instinct to feel comfort when we hear running water. Then there is hope for survival. Strange how it has carried on.


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