I promised a few weeks ago that I would write about our tomatoes. We have harvested too many to count, and there are more to come. The best part of it is; we have only three plants at our balcony. The balcony is working as a greenhouse, because it is covered in glass, which is absolutely perfect for tomatoes. We have one plant in a pot and two in boxes.

They have grown so big that they have reached the ceiling and are now covering our homemade balcony compost. I seriously have not been able to check it for a while, because the tomatoes are in the way.

So our experiences with tomatoes are perfected from the fails from last year. We tried to grow them without fertilizer and just using the nutrients from the soil. Although we did get many fruits, they tasted boring and the plants got yellow the moment they had to focus on making the tomatoes ripe.

This year we did it differently. We sowed them in spring and picked the three largest ones of several sprouts. One was planted in a pot and the other two in boxes in which the water is poured to the bottom without going through the soil first. The plants became tall and big very quickly (the one in the pot not as huge). We took the side sprouts, so that it could focus on setting flowers. When the plants got big, we opened all windows so that it would get ventilation around the many leaves and minimize the risk of fungi.

We fertilized our plant now and then – mixing it with the water. However, once it began to create fruit, we put in our fertilizer each time we watered it. It took some time for the green tomatoes to turn red, but once one is ripe, the others will start as well. This year we have absolutely delicious tomatoes.

The only problem is that if the flower does not fall off the bottom of the fruit, it creates a dark spot (that can be rather large). And of course, the fertilizer, soil and seeds were all organic – too bad it got to stand in city air.


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