I love this time of year. Is there anything better to put you in that cosy autumn mood than pumpkins? Different shapes, sizes, colours and twirls of pumpkins. I absolutely love to watch them and although I rarely buy one myself (well, unless I want to make soup from it), I love passing by the stalls in which there are decorative pumpkins as well as ones used for cooking.


I love how they lay around on the field – matching the red leaves, while their plants emphasises their sizes. Looking at a pumpkin field is rather fun. In Denmark, we are mostly used to corn, crops, berry bushes and other tall plants, although pumpkins have become more popular by the year. Pumpkins rise up from a field like round icebergs. I wish we were not in a rush, when I took the picture of the field, otherwise I would have snatched a better one close up.


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