Him… I feel that I have included my boyfriend, Jeppe, in this blog without even telling a little bit about him and our relationship.

The two of us met during our first day in our Viking fight re-enactment group. We started as prospects together and ended as full members with each a silver necklace around our necks. Our journey was difficult. Despite us being attracted to one another right from the beginning, neither of us seemed to be able to fully commit to our relationship, so we were on and off for almost a year before something happened.

We took it slow – first by living separately for two years before moving in together. We took our time getting to know each other and how to keep our relationship flourishing the way it is now. We have been together for about five years now, and I sometimes wonder what we do right… Maybe we are just lucky to have found one another, but compared to some couples that I know, we seem closer. We kiss and hug a lot and act like we are still newly in love.

Yet, maybe this is our secret among a few others I picked up along the way, while wondering how to write this post:

  1. We kiss and hug A LOT! And we give ourselves time to do it, so that we are only focused on each other when we are together.
  2. We do A LOT of activities together; whether it is travelling, going out for a walk, going on a picnic or having the same hobby.
  3. We allow each other to close the door and be alone in a room if needed be.
  4. We do not judge one another; I can do my yoga, and he can play his video games.
  5. We laugh A LOT and we are so silly that I sometimes wonder if we are mentally ill.
  6. We dream and make plans for the future.

What about you guys? What are your essentials to keep a healthy relationship?


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