To cuddle up with a warm sweater, holding a cup of tea while the storm is howling outside like a wild wolf – sending raindrops drumming against the window. It is soon to be that time of the year again  – where hurricanes and high sea level is a part of the news most of the months. My recent city life has made me like storms, because as long as I am inside my apartment, I find it rather cosy sitting and listening to the wind.


Although, I do remember it when we lived near the sea. My father was a fisherman, and whenever it stormed we were worried if he had not returned home. It would not be the first time for a fisherman going missing during a hurricane near Laesoe (the island where I grew up). I remember one early winter night where a good friend of ours had gone missing in a storm.


The helicopters stopped looking because they feared the worst, so the local fishermen took the matter into their own hand, trawling around the area he was supposed to be. It ended with his own father catching him in his net. Ugh, such a horrid story from real life that really makes you respect the sea, the wind and the precautions. All of this makes me think of this song by Runrig: The Fisherman.

There he stood on the shore
With the world in his eyes
Then he left his home
And his family behind
And he cast his nets out
On the wide open seas
Where the warm winds cover
The face of the deep

The shadows stretch out
Through the streets of the town
And the dark lonely night
Sets it’s snares all around
But the boats sail at dawn
Under confident skies
Where the men of the island
Leave to follow their lives

I remember the night
When the going got rough
How you fought for that sea
You were so worthy of
Though the storm raged and tore
Like a merciless fire
All you ever felt
Was peace of mind


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