I snapped this picture on Samsoe, and it gave me the title: Forgotten Farming. Grass and wild flowers covering up old rusty farming tools makes me think of how nature always will survive. It is not dependent on us, while as we are so dependent on it, and sometimes I think that we are not even aware of it ourselves. Nature has killed far greater species than human. It will always somehow remain – with or without us. Humans are no better than animals. Sure we live differently and on some points think differently, but that is just what makes our species unique to the extent that we can differ ourselves from other animals. However, it can be compared to how a fox differs itself from a bunny and nothing more.

Humans are extremely egoistical. We are thinking that we are thriving with our vast development, but at some point, we are like parasites – feeding on our planet. I am sure that if we do not change, the earth will get rid of us one way or another. I think it is a good idea to start with identifying ourselves with all living things surrounding us (no matter whether it is dogs, plants, deer or pigs). Every living being deserves respect. And we finally have to see that even though nature is romantic, beautiful and fragile. It is also unforgiving wild and in the very end: untameable. It will survive on the cost of us.


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