Oh my gosh… These amazing super power ultra vitamin boosting berries! I love love love them! Sea Buckthorn is very well-known in Denmark, because Danes have recently put it on their menus and in their products, so you find it in pretty much everything: Ice cream, sauces, cakes, jelly, dried snacks, powder, facial cream etc. And I am so glad that Denmark is hooked.

You find the berries on windy coast sides where the adaptable bush is standing with its dusty grey/greenish leaves and orange berries. One single berry contains just as many C vitamins as one whole orange. Boyaaah! So eating a couple of those, and you have had your daily shot. This is a superfood at its finest.


Eating them raw may cause you to grimace, because they are rather sour, although if you are just as crazy as I am, you will like the taste either way. What you can do when you pick them (because not only does the bush have thorns, the berries tend to burst very easily) is to cut the branches off with a scissor, freeze them and then afterwards take the berries off with a fork or a knife.

I have to admit that I squalled when I saw that the track I was walking led me to some sea buckthorn bushes. Since they are ripe now, they will be perfect to keep for winter if you need a bomb of vitamins in the dark and cold days.


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