I don’t know why, but it feels like something is falling into place. As you may have read, I have felt very restless if not stressed lately. However, I have talked with my wonderful boss about it, and once again, I am proving to myself how important it is to talk to people – especially if there is something you feel is wrong. Seriously, it is very obvious, but I am honestly quite bad at it, because I have never been great at expressing myself in speech. Not to mention, I often get intimidated because I feel that my words get clumsy. That of course mostly happens when I talk about myself and especially when it is about something that bothers me.


I look at these pictures I have in this post, and I feel calm and happy. My stressful work is slowly changing, and I am beginning to once again feel at home in what I am doing. Just like a sea that reminds you of a mirror on a windless day, I feel just as calm today. I cherish this feeling in a hectic world. Yet I am still aware of that a simple blow can stir up some waves, and I therefore know that I cannot feel like this every day.

Which things make you calm down?


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