And thus the forests have silenced. The chippering, singing, tweeting… Everything has faded now that autumn has arrived. Some of our birds have already left for the south, while others have simply silenced because they have no longer anything to sing about. They have mated for the season, so there is no need for them to attract any mates or chase away competitors from their territory.


I have had some trips with students where we look at birds, and I tell you guys, it was difficult for the kids to notice any, because not only are the birds quiet, the leaves on the branches have not fallen, so they are easily hidden. Therefore, people might think that winter is the worst time to look at birds, I have to say that it is autumn, right before the leaves start to drop. Because then you really have to be patient and quiet if you want to see any birds.

I often focus on those that are easy to spot for students. And I absolutely love to make a simple crow or seagull sound interesting. Because let’s face it – those birds are quite awesome.


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