What a day. I feel so tired, yet I have done nothing but training with my friends and eating Hokkaido soup with my boyfriend. I do Viking re-enactment with a Danish fight group called Ask, where we fight with steel weapons. You should check it out, if you are interested, by the way.

However, this is not what I will be writing about today. I want to express my joy in sitting and eating dinner underneath a tree. I have no idea why I feel that this dinner was better than the one we usually have in the park, but it was. When we sat underneath the chestnut tree, it was not only romantic, but the way it spread its crown above us, covering the setting sun with its leaves, made me feel wrapped in a green welcoming warmth of protection.

Sadly, we cannot eat there every day. When you find a blissful place like this for your dinner, I advise you to cherish it and enjoy it. We at dinner in such a rapid pace that we forget to taste the food and relax around the table. I know from myself that I need to learn to slow down and just be… The magical chestnut helped me with that.


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