I don’t know about you guys, but despite it being the middle of September, and all of the signs of autumn are here (heck, even the trees are getting red and yellow), we have a minor heatwave in Denmark. It is just as hot as a typical summer day, as if the year had forgotten some degrees and now wants to spend them before the fall truly takes over. The days are confusing, because the mornings are cold, and you want to wear a sweater at work, but during the day it is so hot that you are looking for the sunscreen, you had already hidden away somewhere.

Yet despite it being confusingly warm, the nature seems to know that this Indian summer will not last very long. The leaves are slowly decorating the trees in the most beautiful yellow fading colours and you suddenly see a strange red shade over the otherwise green leaves. Pumpkins, apples, pears and different vegetables are over floating the store, telling you of a typical autumn harvest. This weekend, the rain will come and flush away any leftover summer heat.


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