There is nothing I love more than to have a great view of the sea. The vast blue ocean reminds me of endless possibilities and adventures I have not yet explored. I could sit all day and dream away while watching how the sky meets the water in the horizon. There is something breath taking to realize, why our planet is called “the blue planet” and to even consider how much water we have around us.


At Samsoe you will find peace and tranquillity in the northern hills where the top of the island reaches the sea and separates the sea of Jutland and that of Zealand. The two seas meet in a playful collision that can only be described as a softer version of the two oceans meeting at the top of Denmark, Skagen.


I understand why the islanders preserve this northern area, because it is truly magnificent. Green hills as far as the eye can see, only to be separated by the blue ocean desert that reaches the horizon. Cows and sheep are grazing lazily on the hills, and are so used to humans using the trails in their enclosures that they watch us like natives are watching tourists.


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