I will finish the tale of my island adventure by telling a story about a spring that is situated at the beach in Eastern Samsoe. The tale is about a woman flushing up on the shore, wearing a golden cross. People tried to move her away, but not even horses could pull her corpse up from the beach. Therefore, it is said that a spring was formed from her body. The spring is located inside a hollowed oak tree, which makes it even more unique.

Due to the fact that the beach has gotten smaller, the fresh water is often salty now, and it is not recommended to drink from it. However, it is believed that if you drink its water on Beltane night (April 30’th), it will have healing powers. The spring is named after the woman that was said to be flushed ashore: Ilse Made.

I think it is an extraordinary story, and I hope you enjoyed reading my posts about Samsoe.


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