The coasts in Denmark are considered as the last wild nature we have in this country. Their almost untameable behaviour is making them protected and preserved by the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. They are loved, cherished and cared for. Danes have a thing for the coasts, because the whole country has a long coastline, they have a culture of fishing industry and children are learning how to swim at a very early age. And I bet that the Viking blood still flows rapidly in the veins of the people.


The coasts of Denmark can variate from being wild, rough and completely out of control, to calm, flat and warm. Like a beast and a lamb at the same time. The coasts of Samsoe made me think of how much power the sea has over the coastlines. Every beach at the island seemed wild and extraordinary. I loved taking a walk there, hearing how the waves crushed against the rocky shore at one part of the island, while as the other had calm waters, sand and children friendly conditions.


One is not wilder than the other is, because they are a great example of how nature truly is. Calm and beautiful, but also merciless and unforgiving. Being surrounded by the greatness of the coasts of Samsoe, seeing each of them from their best side, made me think of how important it is for us to leave them be and let them roam, grow or narrow down however they like.



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