There is something magical about the island air. I remember it from the time I used to live at there. Each night I went to bed tired and satisfied. With windblown hair and rosy cheeks. I did not have any headache, stress or anxiety while lying in my bed. I believe it to be the fresh air. There are almost no cars at Samsoe Island, and those there are, are barely driving 50 km per hour, so the air there is crisp, cool and fresh.


I believe in those who claim that the sounds of the city stress one, if you listen to them before going to bed. Imagine listening to cars driving by, neighbours yelling, people chatting outside and just the usual buzz from the life around you all the time, compared to the one you meet at the island: the wind, the waves, the cicadas, the rustle in the leaves… It is pure relaxation, and before going to bed, I advise you to take a look at the night sky.


What Samsoe also lacks, is light pollution, which makes the stars extremely visible at night. Everyone from the city would stop and gasp, realizing how many more stars they can be able to see, if they just went out into the dark. The air, the darkness, the sounds… I call it detox.


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