Ever wondered where I went during this weekend? I decided to leave my computer at home and go on a small trip to an island called Samsoe. It is an island that it 100 % CO2 neutral, and it produces so much energy that it sells it abroad. It focuses on nature, environment, organic farming and a simple life, which I so desperately need while living in the city. Therefore, we packed a bag and went off with the ferry over the sea that separates our city from the island.


My next few posts will be about my experiences there, so I hope you will bear over with me and enjoy the tale of a small Danish island that can only be described with one fitting word that does not have a proper translation in English: Hyggelig. The closest I can get to it is “cosy”.


Driving through typical Danish towns you will see many small farms and villas that look either empty, the same or rather messy. However, at Samsoe, driving through the small villages there will make you feel like you have stepped back to a simpler time. The houses are idyllic and gives to an idea of how to live in pact with nature and fend from the soil.


Each small town is unique in its own way, but the most characteristic part is the many timbered houses with thatch. Out to the narrow road are small stalls selling home-grown vegetables and fruit. Most of it is organic and those that are not are produced with the uttermost care. Seeing how the islanders lived made me desperately dream of the same life.


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