Have you ever experienced a harbour? Not a big one, but one with soul… Where you can sit on the docks, drinking hot strong black coffee while watching the fishing boats gentle cradle in the water. There is always a distinguished smell of fish, seaweed and salt that I always has considered of home, because my stepfather, who was a fisherman, always came home from his nightly fishing trips smelling like that. My boyfriend may not have understood why I so longingly needed to sit by a small harbour enjoying the sunset while listening to the small chuckles from the waves hitting the boats.


Samsoe has only those kinds of harbours. Even those from where the ferries sail have soul. People pass by, chatting with the local fishermen, the seagulls are keeping an eye on the tourists eating fried fish and chips – trying to find a second to steal from their plates while a wind is lightly howling in the masts.


If you ever want to visit the island of Samsoe, I recommend you to sit down by the harbour, no matter whether it is summer or winter. Order some bad coffee and sip it from a large cup while you enjoy the distinguish smells, sounds and feelings of being by the sea. Where I currently live, the harbour is so large that it has grown into a city itself, and I rarely visit it, because it is too big. However, these small cosy ones are definitely worth a try.


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