Why do we always need to get measured? It is as if the world is focused on reaching point B from A rather than exploring the process. Children today are taking tests in a very early age to see how much they know. We are always making milestones in our work to make sure to reach deadline, and we are always asked: Have we learned something? How much do we know now? What have we reached?

But why do we have to focus on the end when the process is the real adventure? It is what life is about, after all. It is filled with exciting possibilities, but we are saving them for whenever we have time or money to do it… And when we finally reach that point (if we ever do), we are too old and do not have the energy to enjoy the finish. I believe that we shall cherish a process. Instead of focusing on always learning something and reaching a goal, maybe we should just enjoy having the opportunity to.


I hate to have a plan for what the children I am teaching have to learn when they are outdoors. I would rather have a brief idea of it, so that I will have something to tell if there is room for it. However. I will also like them to feel amazed by nature and let their curiosity decide what they should explore. Rather than learning about photosynthesis, then why not talk about frogs and snails that capture their attention, and maybe somehow be able to mix in a comparison to plants?

I love how they come running to me during their garden work, telling me about something strange they found, and there is always a good story about it. The best part is; the kid is interested in hearing about whatever object he has just found, because he identifies with it. Whether it is a frog, snail or weird looking plant. It is all about being in the β€œnow” of the learning process.


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