What a strange day it has been today. So much has been going on that my head is still spinning. Do you ever have those days, where you have a seemingly empty schedule, but it gets packed with activities anyway? I don’t feel like I have truly relaxed, and I so long for a day off, where I can just take a deep breath and enjoy being me without having work, plans or chores.


I have worked two weekends in a row, and usually when we do that, we get a couple of days off in the middle of the week. However, I did not get it, because it was required of me to be at work every day. Even though I have easy tasks, I think what stresses me the most is the fact that the tasks are that easy, but there are so many that I get buried in them.

I find myself seeking loneliness when I get home. I try to find time to take a stroll in the forest, because now as the birds are slowly silenced by the arrival of autumn, the tall tree themselves stand like majestic cathedrals, forcing you to whisper in their presence. I love to wander underneath their broad crowns in peace and quiet.


Living in a city that is always on the move and making noise, as well as working with children, my ears and head never seem to be able to relax. I cannot wait to move out of the city, where I can truly relax. I want to come home to my boyfriend and exhale happily, feeling that I have finally landed after a long day. I don’t want to close my eyes and hear cars, arguments from neighbours and sirens when I sit and write this blog in the evening. I want the silence to be close to the one I get in the forest, and my heart almost skips a beat every time I think of how wonderful it would be to move.

We have about one year left, and then we are out of here!


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