I can’t stop giggling at the title, but I let it be, because it is actually a quote from a 12 year old kid who was so fascinated by the larvae she found in her garden today. It was wonderful to see how she was being completely excited about these animals while as garden work had not been anything that captured her curiosity. Instead, she walked around looking for small larvae, and each time she found a new one, she came running back to me to show it.

Together, we had a fun time comparing them to one another, talking about their development and also discussing how so many people hate them, but they do love whatever final state these larvae develop into later. Her argument was that it must be because they tickle when you hold it, and not many people like small tickling sensations on their hand – she said that this was why she hated spiders.


I have to admit, that talking to her about wondrous larvae was truly inspiring. I love how some parts of nature can capture a kid so much that he or she almost become nerdy. If we let them discover, they will show us that they have not lost their curiosity to the great outdoors.


2 thoughts on “WONDROUS LARVAE

  1. Haha that’s awesome. Reminds me of my husband gleefully exclaiming “I just saw a bunch of soldier flies in the compost!” yesterday as we added more to the bins in our backyard. The man is obsessed with them 🙂


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